And India entered the small and elite club which comprised 3 members Russia, USA, and Europe. I do not know about other fields but as an Indian you can surely proud on ISRO. India, a non G8 member and non VETO member, is now one of the leader in aerospace science. Let me write about the meaning of the words. G8 is the group of 8 countries which collectively comprise 50.1% of global nominal GDP(in 2012). Which means India is one of the 254 countries(apprx) which collectively comprise 49.1% of global nominal GDP. A VETO is a power given to only 5 countries to stop any resolution in UN.

There are few space agencies in world

  1. NASA (USA)
  2. ESA (European Space Agency, cumulative effort of entire Europe)
  3. ROSCOSMOS (Russian space agency)
  4. ISRO (India)

Right now, after sending mission on Mars India has already overtook all other space agencies and has reached to second rank in the world.


Prof Satish Dhawan

IISc has long relationship with Indian space program. Dept of AE, IISc started in 1942 and later played crucial role in setting up of HAL, NAL, Bangalore. I consider myself lucky for being chosen to serve IISc student community for one year in Students’ Council as SC General Secretary. It gave me opportunity to meet many SC and IISc alumni. They shared with me some memories of Prof Satish Dhawan(25th September, 1920 to 3th January, 2002). I want to write untold facts about him. He was former head of ISRO, former director of IISc, former Chairman of department of AE, IISc. Let me narrate Prof Satish Dhawan in words from the memories of alumni.

“He used to visit various institutes and conferences across world. He will just attend the lectures. If he finds suitable candidate then give on the spot offer letter”

“Prof. Dhawan was strong willed person. He took charge of ISRO head from Dr Vikram Sarabhai. He was faculty in AE, IISc and did not wanted his academic career being affected. He told then PM Mrs Indira Gandhi to shift ISRO headquarter to Bangalore. Right now the headquarter is just 6 km from IISc”

“Prof. Dhawan used to remember every Students’ Council member by his name. Once I was going to my hostel in rainy season. He came in car and asked me speaking my name “Shall I drop you somewhere in this rain?”. He himself will give tea to students in gathering”

“When any faculty is given promotion in his post then he will invite him to his house for meal. After finishing meal he will handover letter to faculty and will ask “Are you happy now?”

ઝબકારો: Previous PM of India Mr A B Vajpayee spoke to nation on 15th August, 2003 “I am pleased to announce that India will launch mission on Moon by 2008”. He was pioneer of India’s space program in 21st century. Current ISRO head Dr Radhakrishnan did BE from Thrissur, Masters from IIM Bangalore and Ph.D. From IIT Kharagpur, an indigenous man who executed indigenous space mission.