His name is Chunnuram Baskey and he is security person in IISc. Since last 1.5 month he has been assigned the duty on Department of Aerospace Egineering, IISc and we are good friends since when his first ever duty was assigned in my hostel PD block, then I was active in Students’ Council. Before 3 week one inspiring incidence happened with me. I was just going to fill my water bottle. The passage between water filter and my lab is going through narrow passage. Chunnuram was also going with me. Suddenly he slowed down his walking speed and my intuitions noticed it. I asked him why you slowing down? You can walk with me and we can discuss some matters related to security etc. What answer he gave was really inspiring to me. It realised me IISc is best due to such honest and dedicated people. His answer was

“हमारा क्या है साहब कि हमारे समय का इतना महत्व नहीं है पर अगर जो आप को देर होगी तो इस देश को बहुत नुकसान होगा। इसीलिए आपका समय बचना बहुत जरुरी है।”

A ground level security also understands the importance of IISc and its student for the development and reputation of India. If you are doing best in your field then there are lot of many unknown people behind your success. Please respect every human and when you occupy good position then always try to help every one. You may not be knowing but somehow he might be responsible behind your success!!!