Jack Dorsey born on 19th November, 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He is one of the co-founder of twitter. Twitter IPO prices $26 a share valuing company to $18 billion. It more than facebook. I won’t write about him but will write how his invention changed my life.

Twitter changed my view to read the news. It was one day in May 2013. I was discussing with my friend @Mehul Agrawal regarding how to get update with news since I had deactivated my facebook account. I asked him to suggest any way to get news. He suggested me two things including twitter. I already had twitter account and I made myself active in twitter. After that time twitter became my favourite site. I am so much fascinated with twitter that I shall leave this facebook after some time.

I purchased Google Nexus 4 and I started to download my favourite apps AP, Reuters, EFE, WSJ, NYT, TIME, BBC etc. It took longer time to download all these apps because I had 2G connection. Suddenly it sparked in my mind that I am following all of above in twitter. Let me download twitter. And it was turning point! All the information and news were on my fingertip! No need to download all the apps!

There is only one thing which makes human to super human and that is knowledge/information. The second important thing is the to know the source of knowledge/information. If you have mastery over both then you can be super human. The combination of technology and knowledge resources can make you powerful. Scientists can give you the technology. It depends on you how to use it. Inventor of nuclear energy never wanted it to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Technology has both positive and negative facets. It is you who have to decide what facet you want to use! World is full with positivity and negativity. Judge it by your logic and allow positivity while do not forget negativity. Because negativity is the thing which will teach you what you should have not done!

You can read top 10 tweets till the date which will give you insight in history of twitter. Follow the below link.