Voting in assembly elections.

77.32 percent voter turnout recorded in Chhattisgarh assembly elections this time.
72.66 percent voter turnout was recorded in Madhya Pradesh assembly elections this time.
65.13 percent voter turnout recorded in NCT Delhi assembly elections this time.
75.20 percent voter turnout recorded in Rajasthan assembly elections this time.

Candidates contested

Total 986 candidates contested for Chhattisgarh Assembly elections.
Total 2583 candidates contested for Madhya Pradesh assembly elections.
Total 810 candidates contested for NCT Delhi Assembly elections this time.

Voting awareness in assembly elections

Chhattisgarh-voter turnout increased from 70.51 percent in 2008 to 77.32 percent in 2013.
Voter turnout in Madhya Pradesh elections was 72.66 percent this time as against 69.28 percent in 2008.
In NCT Delhi Assembly elections voter turnout registered an increase from 57.58 percent in 2008 to 65.13 percent in 2013.
Voter turnout in Rajasthan Assembly elections increased from 66.25 percent in 2008 to 75.20 percent this time.

NOTA in assembly elections.
Delhi: Out of total valid votes amounting to 7874115, NOTA accounted for 49892 (0.63%).
Rajasthan: Out of total valid votes amounting to 30708316, NOTA accounted for 588609 (1.92%)
Chhattisgarh-NOTA constituted 3.07% of total valid votes

Women voter in assembly election
Women voter turnout in Rajasthan assembly elections was 75.52 percent this time.
Women voter turnout in Madhya Pradesh assembly was 70.11 percent.
Women voter turnout in Chhattisgarh assembly elections was 77.21 percent this time.

ECI has seized cash and liquor worth approx Rs 53 cr during the elections in the five states.

INC won 21/199 seats in Rajasthan which counts approx 20% votes.

BJP won 392 seats out of total 589, almost 2/3 seats.