Do you know this boy? Let me introduce him. He is Aakash and he is working as security person in IISc. When I was parking my bicycle in morning I saw him writing something on the table. I went there and he hurriedly started winding up. I relaxed him by speaking some jokes and he opened up his mouth. He is studying in 12th std and residing in Devendrapalya, Bengaluru. He is living alone because of his parents having family problem. He dropped 1 year of study due to family problem. He has small dream to become IAS officer. He does job to get some money to spend for his living and studying. While doing job he does his homework and other studying. He also showed me GK and Public Administration books for IAS preparation. Previously he was doing job nearby “Sapna Book House”. At beginning of month he will visit it and spend some money in purchasing some good books. You can see his study material on the table. I told him that my few friends are preparing for IAS then he requested me to provide him some guidance. Right now he doesn’t have money and guidance. I took his mobile number assured him all the possible help.


In the early morning today he reminded me my past. While serving in a factory I used to take my reading material with me and used to prepare for GATE midst of noise of machines. Those days are still golden days of my life!!! I request you all, if possible please help anybody in study.

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