Yesterday I went to IISc health center for my corn problem in foot. I took appointment with dr. Satish Rao. When I entered his office he was talking with someone on telephone and he told me to sit down. It gave me opportunity to observe his office. He has put up his 15-16 certificates. All were related to diabetic. At the end he told me about his first, second etc jobs. He also told that he wanted to do DNB but could not. I know him since my involvement in SC activities. General interaction with him is very systematic. He follows following steps while interacting.

  1. Current situation.
  2. Reason behind situation.
  3. Probable remedies.
  4. What action he is taking to prevent it.

In any organisation or system one thing need to be checked and it is right person at right position. Again question arises which qualities prove a person is right? Answer is the person who is build on systematic foundation. If your foundation is strong then your building will sustain any calamity. In above case you can easily identify that he is following systematic way.

  1. What is present situation(identifying problem)
  2. reason of it (analysing the situation)
  3. remedies (solution of the deadlock) and
  4. what he can do (transparency so that you can also contribute).

So, right person at right position is always important whether it is professional life or personal life :). If no right person then your entire plan/chain will be in trouble :(.

Anyway, forget all this and remember only one thing. Dr. Satish Rao is expert in diabetic and you can contact him for it.