And after almost 700 years Delhi again chose Muhammad Bin Tughlaq as their ruler. Here are some funny facts about reforms of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq-I and II.

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq-I

  1. Taxation in the Doab: The Sultan made an ill-advised financial experiment in the Doab between the Ganges and Jamuna.
  2. Transfer of Capital(1327): It appears that the Sultan wanted to make Deogir (Daulatabad) second capital so that he might be able to control south India better. He soon found that just as he could not control south India from Delhi, he could not control North from Daulatabad.
  3. Introduction of Token Currency(1330): Muhammad Tughlaq decided to introduce bronze coins, which were to have the same value as the silver coins.

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq-II

  1. 700 liters free water per day.
  2. 50% reduction in electricity bill.
  3. Parliamentary bill (janlokpal) will be passed in Ramleela maidan.

Dear friends, I want to ask one question. Kejrival asked public poll voting on “Whether to form govt or not”. Why he did not ask “Whom to give which ministry?”. If AAP supporters are believing that AK is bringing ‘SWARAJYA’ then they should think on this question.