kejrival_betrayI am facing accusations from Arrogant Aadmi Parti (AAP) supporters if write about Arvind kejrival. I want to share something with you about AK and Janlokpal movement. Once I met with one person who was involved in Janlokpal Movement. He told me the story of how the movement started and failed. I am writing it as below, in his own words.

There was a march organised by IAC (India Against Corruption) by few Banglorians with just 32+ participants led by Jayprakash Narayan, Arvind Kejrival and me. The objective of the march was to aware people the drawbacks of corruption. After the march all met together and suddenly JP yelled and it was conception of Janlokpal. Let me tell their discussion:

JP : Why can’t we start nationwide anti corruption movement?
AK : It is good idea. Janlokpal was one of the agenda in UPA’s manifesto.
JP : But we require people who can prepare bill and awareness of corruption in people. Lot of          work need to be done.

Then, group of people were formed and decided to meet PM to request that sir you only promised for Janlokpal. Please look at it. But they required a face person for the movement on whom India should rely. They thought of Anna Hazare and met him. Anna agreed without much difficulty. Objective of the movement was decided and it was ‘we want to bring Janlokpal bill to Indians’. Aruna Roy had already done some work on Janlokpal bill draft preparation. They prepared it and asked an appointment to PM. PM gave him only 10 minutes. They went and met to PM and requested to bring Janlokpal bill. PM replied only one word “देखेगे”. Anna got irritated and after coming out of meeting he told to press“I am going on fast”. It was good that Anna went on fast and it gave us some time to think how to mobilise and aware the people. But the major contribution by AK was how he spread information. I still believe he is good strategist. He popularise the movement everywhere and slowly media also involved in it. Popularity and fame in media brought  publicity hunger in some of member’s mind and it was the reason behind its failure. Later the committee was dissolved and it was an end to Janlokpal movement.

AAP girgitSo it was JP who conceived the idea of Janlokpal kind of movement. JP kept himself away from movement due to reason of not giving political color to it. And also the team never took support from any political party despite offered by many parties. Now AK has become CM of one state but where are his colleagues who started movement with him? I have two doubts on AK.

  1. If he wanted Janlokpal bill then it is already passed then why he want to contest Lok Sabha?
  2. If he wanted to join politics then he could have joined Jan Loksatta party of JP which is honest one. Why he formed his own party?

Anna, Kiran Bedi, JP, Aruna Roy etc. why they aren’t with AK? The only message to learn from this incidence, is, never betray your closed one. Always keep your closed one in confidence. If they are not agree with your idea then do not hurt your relations by overthrowing their feeling. See the situation of AK. His closed and loved one, with whom once he ate, cried, campaigned etc, are not with him. He played dirty politics with their colleagues. If he wanted to change the governance then he could have joined JP’s party, Jan Lokshakti party. JP is also non corrupt person then why he did not joined it? Problem was there AK is not going to get face value and publicity.

Note: I know names of few of the members involved in Janlokpal bill.

  1. Anna Hazare
  2. Arvind Kejrival
  3. Jayprakash Narayan
  4. Kiran Bedi
  5. Justice Santosh Hegde
  6. Aruna Roy
  7. Swami Agnivesh
  8. Dr R Balasubhramanian
  9. Prashant Bhushan
  10. Shree Shree Ravishankar

The person with whom I met was one of the above. I am not revealing his name due to his request.

ઝબકારો: Everyone knows how to play politics but the person known as leader if he knows the fact that politics should not be played with his closed one.