Let us look at the members of AAP.

Prashant Bhushan
He wants referendum on AFSPA removal. He speaks language of separatist.

Manish Sisodia
His NGO received US $ 3,79,000 from the ford foundation. What is ford foundation? It is funded by “The New York Times” group. Before 1-2 months its editorial board wrote an article which said “If Narendr Modi becomes PM of India then it will be worst for India.” USA uses funding to get political influence in India.

Gopal Rai
He was active member of far left organization of AISA-JNU. This organisation supported the killing of 76 CRPF javans in 2010. They shouted anti-India slogans “Hidustan Murdabad” etc.


Shazia Ilmi
Her brother in law was INC MLA, the most corrupt party in India. Now switched to BSP.

This is brief about AAP members. One member brings US funds, one member arranges maoists to campaign and one member handles media campaign. If you are supporting AAP then it means you are supporting SEPARATIST, ANTI-INDIAN, AND MAOIST. AAP supporters, please wake up.