Few days back I saw a Gujarati calender which I brought from my home. Probably, it was printed in September-13. In the summary of the month section it was written that

“There are 5 Tuesday in માગસર (Mrugshirsh) month.

रक्तेन् पुरिता प्रुथ्वि

  1. Earth will remain bloody.
  2. Chhatrabhang (Collapsing of ruling government)
  3. Quarrel among leaders.
  4. Death of prominent leader.
  5. Fear from fire.
  6. No rain.

भोम पांच …. उदंगल, युद्ध  मचे कोई खंड में …”

Actually above language is Sanskrit and old Gujarati. It is known as ભડલી વાક્ય (Words of Bhadli) written by then great scholar ભડલી (Bhadli). Basically it was written in Devnagari script, in 13th-14th century. The modern Gujarati script is અર્ધમાગધી (Ardhmagadhi) which was adopted later somewhere in 16-17th century. Gujarati grammar was developed by Achary Hemchandrachary, a Jain monk from Arbuda (or somapuri or modern day Mount Abu) and chief priest of Kumarpal Solanki, last king of the Solanki dynasty, in 11th-12th century.

Anyway, the thing I want to tell is point no 4, 1, 2. Mrigashirsh month started from 2nd Dec and ended on 1st Jan. If I see the major events happened in December month then,

  1. Nelson Mandela died on 6th Dec (point 4)
  2. Health of Ariel Sharon worsened (point 4)
  3. There was clash in Egypt between Muslim brotherhood and govt (point 1)
  4. Syrian conflict, tension continued on weapon destroying(point 3)
  5. INC lost badly in 4 states (point 2)

It really surprised me how Bhadli predicted these events, in general, before 700-800 years? There are lot many things in Indian culture which I want to understand. India is incredible!