What is the effect of Narendr Modi in LS 2014?

One thing which many of you would not have noticed is his social media team. I am surprised to see that all the BJP supporters are easily sharing pro-BJP+anti-antinationalist links to support their arguments. It looks like they are getting lot of information from social networking like twitter, facebook etc. While the INC+AAP supporters are still proposing hypotheseses like what Jawaharlal Nehru was doing. How it is possible? From the beginning NaMo knew that media is biased and he can’t do campaign there. He also knew that starting his own regional tv channel will spread regionalism. He smartly used social media as his choice. Tremendous information are released by his social media team. He knew that youth have curiosity and he has to give answers to it. Social media is giving answers to it. Who leads his social media campaign? Rajesh Jain from Mumbai and B G Mahesh from Bangalore. I am sharing few links; one from 1999 and one from July 2013.

I do not know who will win election but one thing is sure that current generation is now more aware than previous generation. They are able to find the truth logically from the information available.