1. Swastik is widely used in Hindu culture since centuries.
  2. In the west, first architectural proof of it was found in Troy.
  3. Heinrich Schliemann (6-1-1822 to 26-12-1890) concluded that ‘Swastik was a significant religious symbol of our remote ancestors’.
  4. In Poland, swastik is used from middle ages (5th to 15th century). It was knows as ‘swarzyca’(sounds like swastik??) and it belongs to the Slavic gods ‘svarog’ (sounds like स्वर्ग-swarg??).
  5. Native American tribes; Navajo, Apache, Hopi etc ancestors used swastik in their traditions. They stopped using it after WW-II citing reason of ‘desecrated use of it by another nation of peoples’.
  6. The oldest known use of swastik is found in Indus Valley Civilization (25th to 30th century BC) which is oldest civilization in the world found in 1920 and predominantly Indian civilization.


Rudyard Kipling personal emblem

  1. Nobel Prize for Literature winner (1907) Rudyard Kipling (30-12-1865 to 18-1-1936) used it as his personal emblem.
  2. 'Finnish Defence Forces' emblem

    ‘Finnish Defence Forces’ emblem

    It was found in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark defence, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia etc.

  3. Hitler defamed swastik. He declared it as its party symbol. Many countries which used swastik in their day to day life, stopped using it due to fear of being labeled as extremist.
  4. Company ASEA (1890-1933), now part of Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) used swastik as its logoASEA

What I want to say is, if west is believing that swastik is religious symbol of their remot ancestors then that ancestors should be Indians because oldest existence of swastik is found in Indus valley civilization. Probably they were Indians who migrated to Europe and west.