I conducted a survey on facebook on the political situation in India. I used to update the post related to AAP. It concluded the following things. It is assumed that the war will be among 3 major parties; BJP, INC and AAP. Let us see each one by one. Entire citizen can be divided in following category of people.


  1. A class of people believes that Congress is ‘gods’ council’ and it is the reason behind current perfect position(?) of India. They believe that all the current development, educational, industrial, mental etc is due to congress only. Major portion of it can be found in govt jobs, minorities, backward classes. They do not know that they are demoralised to converted in Marxism. You can watch the following video to understand how they are secularised.

  2. Before 2000 year series of events began in India; it was foreign invasion. Most of the Hindu scriptures are written in the time when there was no foreign invasion and it had enough opportunity to develop spiritual inclination instead of saving Hinduism (in fact there is no word ‘Hindu’ mentioned in Hindu literature). After beginning of invasions a strong movement started to save Hindus and India (e.g. Vishnugupt united India to combat Alexander’s invasion). This mentality got clear momentum when Muslim invasions started. Till now Hindu society composed of two groups; those who want to follow the traditional spiritual path directed in vedic literature and those who want to save Hinduism. RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc are from the later category. BJP supporters are from this class. A class of people believes in nationalism, Indian culture, traditions etc. Major portion of it is available in Hindu society. It is also divided in sub groups: Spiritually inclined and saviour of Hinduism.

  3. A class of people who born and grew in modern cities and educated in convent schools are fascinated with the impractical ideas of corruption, equality, discrimination etc. These are politically immature people and unable to differentiate between what is right and wrong for nation. AAP supporters coming from this category.

  4. A class of people believe in communism, socialism, leninism, marxism, maoism etc. These people are small in number but they have strategically acquired positions in all the key positions like education, law, news media, policy making etc. They are spreading their ideology through influencing the system in which they work. Up to some extent they are indirectly helping INC.



Its ideology is projected as anti corruption but from the fundamental point of view it is socialist. There is no doubt that convent educated and staunch congressis are its voters. While arguing with my AAP supporter friends I realised that they were arguing for AAP but arguments also equally supported to INC.


BJP history is known to all. It started with Bharatiy Jan Sangh and it got poppularity after Babri demolition. Till the date BJP has played religious card to fetch votes. But this time BJP came with new card, not BJP but only one person called Narendr Modi is coming with ‘Development’ card. BJP has now one more card to play.


There will be open loot for INC voters. It is sure that INC supporters have lost faith in it and it is going to lose elections. If you see the Delhi electoins then somethings will get cleared. In 2008 INC won 43 seats (-4), BJP 23 (+3). In 2013 INC 8, BJP 31, AAP 28. It is clear that BJP has not lost their voters. Its popularity and vote bank is intact. Winner of LS 2014 will be the party who know how smartly you are able to fetch INC votes.

AAP-Freebie and anti-INC

INC-BJP should not come in power

BJP- His vote bank is secure. Now he has to fetch maximum possible votes from INC votebank.

BJP strategy

It has already implemented. You believe or not but Narendr Modi has smartly used social media for election campaign. His social media team, lead by Rajesh Jain and B G Mahesh, is nicely leaking pro-BJP+anti-antinationalist information. You can see the effect in all the social medias; Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. BJP supporters argue with proofs and statistics while INC supporters are still proposing hypotheses. NM knew that news media is biased and against BJP. He found strong tool to propagate his ideology. In fact sometime news media is finding difficult to defend themselves from BJP supporters. BJP will play combination of development, religion, nationalism card.

ઝબકારો: BJP has communal card to play and AAP has emotional card for play. LS 2014 will depend on how BJP is playing emotional card and how AAP is playing communal card.