Arvind’s main agenda was Lok Sabha

And most sought moment for AAP leader Arvind Kejrival arrived. He resigned from CM ship. The reason was Jan Lokpal bill was not introduced. According to him he can introduce the Jan Lokpal bill. What is truth? Let me write some rules from the constitution of Delhi which is known as “Government of NCT Delhi act”. Jan Lokpal bill is money bill. (Why? Committee will be paid salary. Who will pay salary? Revenue of Delhi which mostly comes from grant from center)

Section 22 (3) writes:

A Bill which, if enacted and brought into operation, would involve expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of the Capital shall not be passed by the Legislative Assembly unless the Lieutenant Governor has recommended to that Assembly the consideration of the Bill

Explanation: Since Jan Lokpal bill is money bill, the fund has to be allocated from consolidated fund of the capital. This section clearly says LA can not pass bill unless LG recommends it.

Section 28 (3) writes:

 No demand for a grant shall be made except on the recommendation of the Lieutenant Governor

Explanation: If CM want to give salary for newly formed constitutional post then first of all he has to give its budget and that budget should be presented in assembly. CM can not directly form new post, which involves expenditure, without budgeting, informing to LG.

From these rules it is clear that Arvind Kejrival is wrong from the Constitution point of view because he has to take prior permission from LG to introduce money bill. BJP and INC played very important role of opposition and saved the law from being broken. We should thank to BJP and INC MLAs. For your reference I am giving the NCT act link below: