Happy birthday to Ahmedabad. The current city was founded by Ahmedshah 604 years ago.

However, previous history records suggests that Ahmedabad was founded by 5th king of Solanki dynasty Karnadev Solanki (and hence Karnavati) in 10th century, approx 1000 years ago, along with his tribal friend Ashabhil. At that time it was small village.
Solanki Dynasty
  1. Chamundraj Solanki (Vikram Sanvat 924)
  2. One king I forget his name.
  3. Mulraj Solanki
  4. Bhimdev Solanki (He had a minister named Damodar Mehta. It is believed that he had capability of Chanaky. Bhimdev had 4 wives. One was Udaymati, grand daughter of Ra’Khengar 1 of Junagadh. Karnadev was their son. His second wife Chauladevi, a notable dancer of that time, believed to be from Karnataka. That is why you will find many similarity between Kannada and Gujarati. His third wife was Bakuladevi from vanik community. Their grandson Tribhuvanpal was army general of Jaydevsinh Solanki)
  5. Karnadev Solanki (Married to Minaldevi and he died at 36 year of age. Later, Minaldevi played crucial role in establishing architectural temples of Gujarat. Her love story with Munjal (Nephew of Vimalshah, minister of Bhimdev who funded to construct Abu’s jain temple) is written in various Gujarati literature)
  6. Jaydevsinh Solanki (Forcibly kidnapped and married to Ranakdevi of Junagadh. She cursed that Jaydev will not have any child. Kumarpal was adopted son)
  7. Kumarpal Solanki (Siddhraj Hemchandracharya, who developed Gujarati grammar, was his chief priest)


  1. ‘Jay Somnath’ written by K. M. Munshi (Chamundraj to Bhimdev)
  2. ‘Patan Ni Prabhuta’ written by K. M. Munshi(Bhimdev to Jaydev+Minaldevi)
  3. ‘Gujarat no Nath’ written by K. M. Munshi.(Jaydev to Kumarpal).

Historically, Patan Ni Prabhuta was written first, in 1940s.