Anyone remembers I wrote one post on Arvind Kejrival’s political ambitions and India Against Corruption movement? In that I raised one doubt on AK”AK never wanted movement against corruption. He was interested in personal political ambitious. If he wanted to join politics then why he did not join JP’s loksatta party? Its candidates are also pure, educated and non corrupt. (If you have not read my that post then I am resharing it here which was written on 17th Jan, 2014 and also on my personal wordpress blog on 5th January, 2014)
In that I mentioned that corruption movement Idea was Dr Jayprakash Narayan’s movement but Arvind Kejrival stole it. Now JP’s Loksatta party approached AAP for “Nation First” idea. See the response of AAP.http://blog.loksatta.org/2014/03/in-new-politics-nation-first-or-party.html

 It looks like JP’s Loksatta party may support BJP

Dr Jayprakash tweet

Dr Jayprakash tweet