Yesterday I had dinner with my friend whom I came to know recently.
I asked him “whom you will vote in LS 2014?”.
He replied “some party name”
Again I asked “It is from third front. Who do you like to see as PM from 3rd front?”
He replied “I want to see Modi as PM”

Then I explained him overviews about representative democracy of India, parliamentary elections, how PM is selected etc. Finally he understood that if he want to see NaMo as PM then he must vote to local BJP candidate from his constituency. He looked satisfied after his doubt being clarified.

This incidence rose a thought in my mind: Why not administration/governance be made mandatory in any education? You study any degree ultimately you have to be part of some admin/governance. This will also spread awareness among citizen how to select your candidate and how to vote wisely!!!! I realised this thing because recent rise of AAP. It is very difficult to make understand the AAP supporters (largely are politically immature and unable to differentiate between proper and improper) that the way AK and AAP are trying to ATTACK the problem solution is totally unconstitutional.