What are the salient features of Democrats(US), Labour(UK), Marxist/Leninist (USSR), Maoist(PRC)?

  1. Anti national
  2. Anti culture
  3. Anti religion
  4. Feminism
  5. Secular
  6. Free sex
  7. Equality
  8. Anti discrimination

From where these ideas are comming? Partly from “Das Capital”, The Bible of communists. They have done biggest massacre and cultural destruction in China under the rise of Mao Tse Tung.

It encouraged me to write from follwing article Liberal Youth Worry for GOP What is the worry of Republicans? The youth have become more liberal and more leaning towards Democrats. Any country has four phases

  1. Foundation
  2. Pre-development
  3. Development
  4. Post development

USA has already passed through first 3 phases. Currently citizen are happier and they have only one thing to do that is thinking. In that phase the so called communists entered in policy making and they have done mass brain washing of generations. It can be understood from the following video by Yuri Bezmenov how communists brainwash.

Due to this globalization not only money but ideology has also invested in India. India is right now in 2nd phase and those liberal ideologies have already been infused in youth’s mind. That is why if Narendr Modi wanted to win then he can not openly declare his rightist ideology instead he has raised the new common agenda which is Development. Indian right wingers will face similar problem which is mentioned above later after 30 years. At that time Indians will have sufficient development and people already have these communist ideas available. The communists have already started to influence the law and media system. Suppose the case of Khurshid Anwar. The biggest challenge to Narendr Modi after winning election will be how to keep the inclination of supporters towards rightists ideology. If he is not doing it then he will face the same problem what USA is facing right now.