Yesterday I met with one French who is student in IISc. I wanted to tell him that European Parliament Elections are coming and European countries have started circulars to their citizen to keep informed with the election dates. After few seconds I asked me that what is European Parliament election. In France’s constitution there are 4 layers of members:

  1. National Assemby (577)
  2. Senate (348)
  3. Regional Councils (1880)
  4. European Parliament (74)

I asked him does it means that Europe has one common parliament such like all the federal countries have in which you can vote? He told yes. Then he told Europe is not complete federal country but it is going to become federal country. It looked like he was excited to say that Europe will become federal country. Different languages, different cultures, different economies etc. Something related to it I have already written in my blog on 21 January, 2014.

It suddenly reminded me of India.

  1. Each state has its own language
  2. Each state has its own culture

And so many differences but still we are united and federal country. What Europe is struggling to be India has already achieved before 67 years. India is centuries ahead than Europe. Who was behind this “Generation Ahead” task? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel!