There were protests from long ago in Kiev. Ukraine govt wanted to go away from European Union and wanted to go closer with Russia. Ukrainian president looked Russian agent. He ran away to Russia and interim president in Ukraine appointed. Referendum was called in Crimea and result showed 96% Crimean wanted to join Russia. Russia was planning this project since last few years. Venice from Italy also wants independence. Finally Kremlin added Crimea in to Russia. However Russia has to face tough action since Russia’s G8 participation suspended. Vladimir Putin received standing ovation in DumaDonetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv have the same situation as in Crimea – 75% of people want to join Russia in eastern Ukraine.

Russia’s Interest in Crimea
Why Russia is interested in Crimea? It is oil and gas. Due to restriction on Russia oil and gas price may hike but Russia again was one step ahead. Crimea nationalised the oil and gas in Crimean territory. While USA interest was to have business of LNG export to Europe since Russia is the only major oil supplier to Europe. Crimean inclusion to Russia will give Russia full access of oil and gas resources. Putin’s speech can be read from here. When USA attacks on Iraq for oil it creates big war but Russia did it calmly and without giving trouble to world.

Plot of Game
The entire game planned in following way. Ukraine govt decided to go away from EU. Citizen protested on Kiev square. World thought it was internal war. Slowly news started to come that Russian army is seen in Ukraine. Then world realised there is something happening. In mean time Ukraine president ran away to Russia and interim president took charge. This was golden opportunity to Russia. In fact president might be Russian agent and his run away was planned to create void in Ukrainian administrative decisions. Russia brought referendum in Crimea and it came in its favoure. Finally Crimea joined with Russia. World thought Russia’s interest is in Ukraine but it was diversion of attention. Real interest was Crimea’s oil and gas resources. World sanctions may cost $70 billion to Russia but Russia can do $700 billion gas business, in addition to Russia’s monopoly in gas business, from access to Crimea’s oil and gas reservoirs. So, it was really cheap deal for Russia. 😉

What was USA’s interest?
USA wanted to start gas business to EU. It has problem of supply. Gas can be liquified and stored in container. Later transported. USA has only one plant which can liquify LNG and store in container. This may have given $900 billion boost to USA business.