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ImageOn 5th April, 2014 I attended book launch titled “Aavarana” written by Dr S L Bhyrappa and translated in to English by Sandip Balkrishna. It was fantastic event and I enjoyed it a lot. He told eye opening incidence what government can do to erase history.

Once Dr S L Bhyrappa went to Pratapgadh(?) where Shivaji killed Afzal Khan with his tiger claw. A guide showed him all the places and finaly at end he took him to fort and announced completion of trip after explaining about fort and battle. Then Bhyrappa asked the guide where is the place where Shivaji killed Afzal Khan? Guide did not answer. Bhyrappa gave him ₹ 10 and guide asked for promise not to tell to anyone. He took Bhyrappa to a mosque which came in the way to fort. Bhyrappa asked this is mosque where is killing place? Guide told this is the place where Shivaji killed Afzal Khan. There was monument/structure also but local minority asked this land for mosque at the time of election which happened before 2 year. Government gave it for votebank and instructed all the guides not to say this to anyone. Suddenly thought came in Bhyrappa’s mind this story is already removed from history and now it is removed from its physical location. This incidence doesn’t exist in textbook or earth. How future generation will know the bravery of Shivaji?

SHIVAJI KILLS  GENERAL OF BIJAPUR AFZAL KHAN AT PRATAPGARHઝબકારોWhat is difference between historical and mythical character? Historical character has recording on writting and physical world while mythical is recorded in writing only. Congress filed affidavit in court at the time of Ramsetu case that “Ram was a mythical person who existed in stories only”.