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I with S L Bhyrappa

I am taking signature from S L Bhyrappa on “Aavarana-The Veil”

On 5th April, 2014 I attended book launch titled “Aavarana” written by Dr S L Bhyrappa and translated in to English by Sandip Balkrishna. It was fantastic event and I enjoyed it a lot. He told eye opening incidence how Congress brainwashed our mind by changing history. I want to write Dr S L Bhyrappa’s speech. Byrappa was NCERT facutly and he was included in the “Education Commission” headed by G. Parthsarathi and appointed by Smt Indira Gandhi. There were 5 members in it. Let us read what was the discussion between Dr S L Bhyarappa (BH) and G Parthsarathi (GP)

GP : We want to cleanse the educational syllabus in country.
BH : What is problem in it? Can you give some example?
GP : Major concern is history. There are some stories in textbooks saying Aurangzeb attacked Kashi Vishwanath temple. We should cleanse it.
BH : Whatever written is truth or false?
GP : It spoils our kids’ mind and which is wrong.
BH : What is purpose of history teaching?
GP : To bring communal harmony among kids.

Then there was lunch time. After the lunch.

GP : Let us go to second round of our meeting.
BH : We can not proceed to second round if first round itself is not completed.

Then there was lot of arguments between both of them. Finally GP called on the next day for further discussion. He called BH in corner and told

GP : Look Bhyrappa, I am from Tamilnadu and you are from Karnataka. We are neighbours. We are working for govt. We should help each other. This is their govt and we are serving them. We should do whatever they say. We should be adjustable.

Finally GP failed to convince BH. Later all 5 went to meeting on next day. The circular came meeting is posponed till the further notice. After 15 day new notice came that committee is revised with retaining 4 members and excluding Bhyrappa. Later a hardcore Marxist was added as member and he was given duty of cleansing syllabus. He nicely did it. At that time Congress was very powerful party and most of the states were ruled by congress. They immediately adopted that syllabus and non congress ruling states also adopted syllabus due to congress fear.

Note: Dr S L Bhyrappa is renowned writer in Kannada literature. His Aavarana was published first in Kannada in 2007. In first edition 3000 copies sold before it published. This book is translated in various languages.

Kannada : 39 editions.
Tamil       : 4 editions
Hindi        : 5 editions
Gujarati   : 3 editions
Marathi   : 6 editions

ઝબકારો: What is the sure truth? History is the sure truth because future is “will be” and present is “may be”. Distorting history means distortion of truth.