ImageOk guys he is Shriramulu (commonly known as doctor among security community), chief security supervisor of IISc. One incidence lead me to post this photo. On 4th April, 2014 I parked my cycle near juice center and forgot to take it after drinking juice. It was unlocked. I came to room and suddenly on Sunday it reminded me where I parked my cycle. I searched in evening and called couple of friends. In Sunday night I asked juice center guy did he find any cycle there. Lady told me it is with security. I went to office and night security in-charge told me to come on the next day morning. Today I took my cycle and I surprised to see how security is working. They have proper register like what is available in police station. There was statement recorded of the person who was riding my cycle. A labour took my cycle and was using it for 1 day and a security person caught him on the ground of suspicious movement. Then Shriramulu took my signature and did some formality. He told me that our security persons are trained in such a manner that they at least will notice there is something wrong. I casually asked him how police works. Shriramulu was police inspector. He explained me how police solves cases. There are few steps.

  1. Suspect.
  2. Investigation.
  3. Grilling by asking questions.
  4. Cross investigation.
  5. Collecting evidences.

He told me that we don’t be too hard with IISc students because you are not criminal.

I thanked him and returned with my cycle. As I reached OC department I thought of taking his photograph. When I asked him that I want a photograph with him he was very happy and told me “In my entire career in IISc you are the first who asked me to take my photograph”. I know there may be loopholes in security but we should appreciate what is good they are doing. My cycle was ulocked and it was not difficult for anyone to take outside IISc. It was training given to security person that they identified some suspicious and caught that labour red handed.

If you don’t reward any one for his good job with money then no problem but atleast you should respect their good job. That is what every one wants. A respect and appreciation for his good work.

A request to you guy. If by any chance you go to security office side then please inform Mr Shriramulu that I have posted his photograph on my facebook profile. He will be happy to hear that someone appreciated his duty and good job.