81.4 crore Total voters (probably More than the population of entire Europe)
2.3 crore Voters in the age group of 18-19
1.2 crore Total security persons to be deployed
2.15 lakhs Central security person
55 lakhs Civilian staffs deployed
14,68,430 Total EVMs to be used
9,30,000 Total polling stations
30 lakhs of 100 ml sized ink bottles to be used
1,00,000 hours of video recording to be done.
1,950 national voter call center

It is Indian Lok Sabha election 2014. Why India is world’s largest democracy? 20% (125 crore/625 crore) of world population will vote in the election begging today. India is really awesome. Whatever the world say but the Indian population will be in demand in world because all European countries are shrinking in population and they may require people to work. India is incredible!