Since past 1 month I am observing one creature in A mess who is secularising boarders. Let me write his some of views which will give glimpse about his character

  1. Scientists/educated should join politics. For example we have educated MPs. (Manmohan Singh was puppet, Shashi Tharoor?)
  2. Subhramaniam Swami is immature politician. He wrongly brought Sonia’s citizenship issue in 2004. She is voter and should be allowed to become PM. She did not become PM because there was public protest. (I don’t remember people protested in streets??) Take example of Obama. He is foreigner but he is good activist.
  3. Secular govt is must for India’s development. You see development is not equally distributed (Secular Development???). For ex IITs and IISc receives more funds while BU and other univ less. (IISc, IITs funded by center while univs funded by state)

My one friend highly secularised in such a way that once he was arguing with me “Bangladeshis should be allowed in India and should be given equal opportunity. We should think how they separated from India. There is no harm if immigrants are snatching our citizen’s job and giving competition to them” 

OK. guys after knowing about his character let me write our yesterday’s discussion. (I am also adding some extra explanation to make discussion more clear)

Me: Hello. How are you? How is your research going on? How your election campaign? (One after one)
He: Fine. (one after one)
Me: Have you voted?
He: (proudly) I want to educate voters in North Bangalore. There is serious problem of water, sanitation. (Happily showed me message with INC candidate name). I think people should bring this issue to voter notice.
Me: You are misunderstanding the elections.
He: Continues his arguments.
Me: Hero, you do not know how governance works. This is parliament election and elected candidates majorly supposed to do national level policies. Water and sanitation comes under MLA work who are mainly supposed to take care of their own constituencies.
He: Okay. What is that?
Me: Take example of water problem. Suppose we want to construct dam on Sutlej or Brahmaputra river. We can’t directly build it because two countries involved in it and may cause international dispute. Hence it is very serious issue. Who will deal with such case? The MPs you elected will solve such disputes in parliament. Solution will be effective when PM has full majority. Water problem in your region comes under corresponding MLA. North Bangalore water problem is even different case. It comes under BBMP and corporator has to look for it.

This is what problem with people. They do not know how system governs but still want to join politics.

ઝબકારો: Answer to the “bad politics” is “good politics” not “no politics”