On 28th April, 2014 I went to re issue my passport. Finally the authority accepted my Ph.D. bonafide certificate but refused to give me ECNR certificate. Their argument was “It is not proven you have qualified 10th standard until you provide the mark sheet for it, though we accept your Ph.D. studentship”. It reminded me my guide’s words. We discuss every thing. Once he told me

“In India system founders created some rules to cross check in system. Later the original objective of the induction of procedure is forgotten and the procedure itself becomes the law”.

Same happened here. 10th mark sheet originally required to prove person has passed it. But in my case I have not qualified 10th std because the system and procedure requires proof for it.

I write one more my real life incidence. In January 2009 I submitted some photocopy bills to get contingency funds in my M.Tech. study. The bills went to finance section. One day suddenly head of finance section called me. He told me

There are some considerable doubts in your bills

  1. Your all the bills are photocopy bills.
  2. Your all the bills have continuous interval between billing dates.
  3. It looks like you have hand written the bills.

At that time I was preparing for GATE and I was fascinated behind books. I used to spend my time reading books in library. I issue book if I found some interesting. Later, go to xerox center and get it photocopied. I told the shop owner to give me bills without dates so that I can adjust it with issue date in library. I wrote the dates in bills.

Then I replied to F&A head “Yes your observations are true. I have copied entire books. The bill dates I have written myself to match with library issue date”. Then he told me it is violation of copyright to photocopy entire book. I replied “Sir, I did not know it. But if you have doubt that I haven’t photocopied and these bills are fake then I can show you the copied books”. Then he looked convinced and finally understood my intention of getting knowledge. He approved my bills. Now if he has to follow the procedure then my bills can not be passed. On the other hand if he does it then truth is I did not cheated the system because in reality I had the proofs. But holding a responsible chair he took wise decision to encourage me to study and passed the bills.

Similarly, in 25th July, 2009 was my M.Tech. final defense and my joining date in IISc was 29th July, 2009. My train was on 27th July. I required provisional degree certificate for admission in IISc. I enquired administration section and came to know it will take 3 days to get it. Again I approached academic section head. Unfortunately he was removed from the post on 23rd July and on 24th morning new person took the charge of that post. I again met with new head and get him aware with the situation of my admission. He nicely replied me “I understand your problem. It is true that it needs 3 days to get certificate but I can put your case in to highest priority case. If needed then I can also explain it to our director. But you have to follow the tables where your request is going”. I agreed on it and you wont believe it but my defense completed at 14:00 hr on 25th July and at 17:00 hr my provisional certificate was in hand. Here again some people will say he misused his post but following the system procedure might disturb student career. I think he choose not to spoil my career. Later I wrote a thank you mail to that person. His reply is still in my folder. It was

“If you feel that I have contributed in your career, then try to extend your help to your fellow friends/juniors/needy persons to the best of your capacity. Because in any systems there is a scarcity of positive minded persons !!”

ઝબકારો: What is role of system head? In life many complex situation comes. If you are making in system too much procedures and formalities then it will become too rigid and rigidity will lead your system to almost dead state.