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Dear all Gujaratis,


I am happy to inform you all that રાણી ની વાવ, પાટણ (Rani ni vav, Queen’s step well, Patan, Gujarat) is declared as world heritage site by UNESCO. It was pending since 1998. It is second site from Gujarat, after Champaner, to be declared as world heritage site. Entire list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be accessed from below link


There are still few sites from Gujarat which are pending to be declared as world heritage sites.

  1. Wild Ass sanctuary, little Ran of Kacchh: pending since 2006.
  2. Historic city of Amdavad: pending since 2011
  3. Archaeological remains of Dholavira: pending since 2014
  4. Archaeological remains of Harappan port town Lothal: pending since 2014

Entire Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites from India can be accessed through below link


If you have not seen it then it is digitized in 3D in collaboration with ASI and Scottish Ten project. Scottish Ten is groundbreaking international screening project to 3D digitize Scotland’s 5 world heritage sites and 5 international sites.