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When there was civil war in Syria before few months USA was first ready to attack on Syria. Why it is silent now? Because someone else is doing his work which USA could not do it openly. Let me write few questions.

  1. At the Syrian crisis time USA was ready to attack Syria why it is not taking softer steps on ISIS issue?
  2. Why USA wants Iran to interfere in ISIS issue?
  3. Why USA made anti tank missiles are found with ISIS militants?
  4. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was captures in 2005-06. He was kept alive and again released on 2010. Why he was not killed though USA knew ISIS was active Al Queda alike group?
  5. What is money source of ISIS weapons? Weapons used by ISIS are of technically good quality.

When and in which situations ISIS formed?

ISIS started to come in in news since last few months. If we see the political situation in world then,

  1. Russia was busy in Ukraine
  2. European Union + NATO were busy in Russia+Ukraine
  3. Syria brought USA and Russia against each other in past few months.
  4. Internal problem in Egypt.
  5. Egypt, Syria and major middle east countries are occupied with their own problems.

If we sum up the situations then major world countries are busy with their problems and under unstable conditions.

What USA wants?

  1. On one side Russia snatched some area from Ukraine and paved its way for business with EU, USA wanted to retaliate on Russia’s this move.
  2. Russia strongly opposed USA’s invasion policy on Syria. Also, USA wants its influence to be maintained in Iraq.
  3. USA has nuclear dispute with Iran it wants Iran to get busy with its neighbours.
    Iran is shia country and ISIS is sunni movement.
  4. Among all this ruckus what great if USA is able to sell its arms in addition to its wish of destabilizing Syria, Iraq, Iran etc middle east countries?

How ISIS is weapon of USA?
Rising ISIS is giving following benefits to USA

  1. It is direct challenge to Syria, Iraq, Iran countries. It may influence Jordan also.
  2. ISIS requires weapon to fight. USA can do arsenal business with it.
  3. World+Russia are busy in their own problems and USA can take this opportunity of destabilizing middle east and do its weapon business+oil control.
  4. Instead of managing govt of 3 countries viz Syria, Iraq, Iran (or Jordan) it will be easier to manage and maintain single govt run by ISIS which controls area covered by these countries.