Statistics about birth of Nobel Laureates is interesting. A table below gives statistics on the birth month of all the Nobel Laureates.

Birth months of Nobel Laureates

Birth months of Nobel Laureates

  1. June month has maximum number of Nobel Laureates’ birth, 80 Laureates born in this month.
  2. Second is October with 78 births.
  3. The other fact is birth is 70+ in the months of May, June, July, August, September and October; comparatively more than rest of months.
  4. Least is in February, 55 births.

If we calculate 9 months backwards then we will be able to find the month in which fertilization might have happened. May to October will give September of the previous year to February of current year respectively as the fertilization months. These time period from September to February can be considered as more important for conception. October of the previous year will be the corresponding month for June.

Let see another plot which gives details about the top 5 countries who won maximum number of Nobel Prizes.

Countries with maximum Nobel Laureates

Countries with maximum Nobel Laureates

Detailed list of country wise Nobel Laureates can be accessed from this link (Country wise Nobel Winners). Interesting observations are

  1. Top 5 countries are from northern hemisphere.
  2. Europe is dominating in top 10 with 9 countries.
  3. Approximately 70-80% Nobel Laureates have born in northern hemisphere.
  4. South Africa, highest among southern hemisphere countries, ranked 20 with 9 Nobel Laureates.

Why it is so? Is there any connection between birth month of Nobel Laureates and hemisphere? Let us analyze what is there. In most of the cultures and religions the marriages are driven by seasons. As I said earlier September to February are the months in which you can plan to fertilization. In northern hemisphere rainy season starts in July-Aug and rain brings new life to earth by growing new trees, plants etc. This starts from Aug-Sept and remains till the autumn starts in Nov-Dec. You can say everything will be fresh, new and healthy in this season and hence ovum and sperm. Winter ends in Jan-Feb and it starts season of flowering (specially in India, that is why marriage seasons are in the month of माघ (Magh) which falls in February).

If I say perticular about India then preferred marriage season is कार्तिक (Kartik) and माघ (Magh) which falls typically in November and February respectively. Why? Because there is no farming in this season and everyone is free. Milk and vegetable are available in plenty because rain just stopped in August. Vasant Panchami which falls in Feb-March is considered as best मुहूर्त (Muhurt) for marriage. It is tradition in Gujarat that first child of parents should be married in month of माघ. Due to these reasons most of people have birth date in the month of Aug to Dec (I am talking about Gujarat, India).