Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to govt of India. Name itself will sense that it is related to something big. Let us see what is happening in in scientific world.

Today a news floated in media that European Commission discontinued the post of Chief Scientific Advisor to EU president Juncker (read it here). As the report reads Anne Glover, CSA to EU president, faced problems related to funding, office staff, and political will. India’s neighbour China has revised Chinese Academy of Science many times in past. It revised in 2007 and recently it underwent massive structural reforms in September 2014.

Coming back to PSA what PSA did till now? One of my senior told me that scientific research in India is running by science mafias who hold key posts and make scientific policies convenient to them. How? They have some students and they want to fix them in to research. What benefits they will get? First, it will be legacy of him that his student is at some key post and he can get his work done in future if want. Second, entire nexus or group is created which will cooperate with each other.

Apart from this, there are some controversies surrounding CSIR saying it is lobbied by some group of people. A Indian origin scientist V A Shiva Ayyadurai once spoke India is far behind innovation.

I think it is time to revise scientific policies in India.