Jammu and Kashmir assembly electoin results announced on 23 December 2014. There are 3 major regions in J&K; Hindu dominated Jammu, Muslim dominated Kashmir and Buddhist dominated Ladakh. Final result is

Party Won Leading Total
Bharatiya Janata Party 25 0 25
Communist Party of India (Marxist) 1 0 1
Indian National Congress 12 0 12
Jammu & Kashmir National Conference 15 0 15
Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party 28 0 28
Jammu & Kashmir People Conference 2 0 2
Jammu And Kashmir People Democratic Front (Secular) 1 0 1
Independent 3 0 3
Total 87 0 87

Constitutionally JKPDP will be invited for showing strength to form govt formation because it won maximum number of seats though required is 44. Other interesting facts are

  1. JKPDP won maximum seats from Kashmir
  2. BJP won maximum seats from Jammu
  3. INC won maximum seats from Ladakh
  4. JKNC won almost same seats from Kashmir and Jammu

There are 3 probable alliances possible. Let check it one by one.

  1. JKPDP+INC+Others

    This combination gives 28+12+4=44 seats. There are few drawbacks with this alliance
    1. Congress is not reliable ally.
    2. Representation of Jammu people in govt formation is not considered in this combination because JKPDP won maximum seats from Kashmir only. Jammu people also deserve representation in govt formation.
    3. BJP is at center and support will be delayed because BJP is not involved in govt formation.
    4. JKPDP has to manage parties and independent MLAs.


    This combination gives 28+25=53 seats much more than half mark of 44 seats. No doubt it is best combination because it considers representation of people from both the regions, Jammu and Kashmir in govt formation. Also BJP is in center and there won’t be communication gap in help and support. However, JKPDP will be in problem because Kashmiris voted for no to BJP and BJP will be part of govt formation. This separatists will not like.

  3. BJP+JKNC+JKPC+Independent

    This combination gives 25+15+2 (JKPC, Sajjad Lone)+2=44. This is best combination for BJP because here it has CM post and while BJP has to be subordinate if ally with PDP. There are few advantages

    1. It considers representation of the people from Jammu and partly from Kashmir (JKNC has stronghold in Kashmir) in govt formation.
    2. BJP is in center and in state. It is direct advantage. No communication delay and immediate help.
    3. JKPC chief Sajjad Lone has already shown his soft corner towards Narendr Modi.
    4. BJP will have chance to form govt and do some good work. This will promote Kashmiris a faith towards Indian union.The only disadvantage is Kashmir representation in govt formation is partial in this combination.