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In the initial phases of relationships, I try to find two boundaries of the person; Happy and Angry. I always try to play between these boundaries because I know crossing boundary may lead me out of relationship. It is okay if you can’t give happiness but don’t make the other person angry by crossing his angry boundary. Religion is one of the anger point and hence very sensitive issue. The following article is about religion and it is very sensitive matter for many people in world. I am purely interested in analysing and I don’t mean to hurt anyone.

What is The Brinkmanship?

The Brinkmanship (TB) is the technique of threat. Threat is TB if following three points are kept in mind.

  1. Threat should be credible.

  2. Arrange to take control for punishment out of your hands so as to deny yourself the opportunity to redraw the line.

  3. Transform the precipice into a slippery slope. With each step further down the slope there is a risk of losing control and falling into the abyss.

Let me explain this. Consider following two threats.

  1. I will punish you if you don’t do what I say, delay will only worsen situation.

  2. You will be punished if you don’t do what I say, delay will only worsen situation.

A person who gives threat #1 is popularly known as Goonda while a person who gives threat #2 is popularly known as Religious Cleric (RC) (He can be priest, pope, or maulana). Why so much discrimination between branding of both though both are giving similar threat of punishment and both are giving opportunity to avert threat? The reason is because threat #2 is TB. Following are the reasons why threat #2 is TB.

  • Threat is credible. You will be punished for your sins (Religious scriptures of all the religions are full with punishment techniques).

  • God will punish. It is not in RC’s hand to punish.

  • Stop here otherwise further sins will give you harder punishment in hell.

Entire system is actually TB. Whether he is priest, pastor, or maulana all will tell same things “God is watching you and he may punish you if you do wrong. Please do whatever I say to avoid wrath of god and do so and so rituals as I suggest if you have already done wrong”. Smart RC will run entire extortion network “I am the only person who can save you from falling in to slope”. This kind of smart person will become equivalent to god and will be popular as Godman.

So, the entire business of religion works on two fundamentals.

  • Promise of facility, comfort, entertainment, fun etc things which human desires deep in mind.

  • The Brinkmanship.

An intelligent person will add third step of salvation and he will be branded as prophet. So the prophet offers three things; Promise, The Brinkmanship, and only I have power to salvage you from your sins. A religion will be founded and permanent monopoly of prophet will be established after inclusion of one more step: Codifying his set of rules in a book.

This is all about world’s oldest business. People are playing this game being set by agents of god though by no way you can verify anybody received promised things or punished because of his sins. This is how one of the most secular GT technique being used for religion!