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Dear Friends,

I want to share my good experience with India Post. I wanted to send luggage weighing 30 kg to my home. I contacted some packers and movers available in Malleshwaram and the range I received was ₹ 6000 to ₹ 9500. I read about Logistic Post (LP) when I visited post office. I inquired about it with a person sitting on window and he told me LP may be inconvenient to you and I can send through Registered Parcel amounting me ₹ 1050. Only problem was it has maximum limit of 20 kg per consignment. I have to pack luggage in 2-3 consignments and take to post office. Somehow, I got contact details of LP through Karnataka Post website and they told me they will charge ₹12 per kg and no limit on weight. Officials told me I have to pack luggage myself, preferably 20 kg per consignment, no problem if I can’t. LP sent a person to my hostel and carried luggage in post vehicle. There were two payment options: same person may come next day with receipt and you may pay to him, or you may go to nearest office of LP and pay there. I found my luggage weighed 55 kg and total amount I have to pay was ₹ 2545. It could have cost me within ₹ 1000 if I was living in city where LP has warehouse. I had to pay ₹ 1500 extra because my hometown is away from nearest LP warehouse and they have to send special vehicle to my home. Luggage transfer through LP will be cheaper if you live in bigger city.

A person at LP office told me that ordinary post and Logistic Post are part of India Post but both are different divisions and that is why both are kind of competitors. Due to this reason the person with whom I inquired in post office might have thought of making business for his own division. I am giving comparison between tariffs below

Parcel Post: Registered Parcel and Unregistered Parcel.

Registered Parcel: Max. 4 kg.

Unregistered Parcel: ₹ 19 for first 0.5 kg and ₹16 for subsequent 0.5 kg up to 20 kg.

Logistic Post

₹ 12 per kg, no limit on weigh.

You may visit India Post website for detailed information. Below I am sharing contact details of nearest LP hub

Logistic Post Hub, (BMTC bus No. 180 from IISc will drop you in front of this LP hub)

Kaval Bairasandra, R. T. Nagar,

Near Pushpanjali theater,

Bangalore – 560032.

Officer In-charge: Indira madam

Mobile (Personal): 94808 87312.

Office: 080 2365 0013.

Many students (mostly M.E./M.Tech. students) vacate their hostel every year between the months of May and July. Below is contact detail of concerned authority in LP if Students’ Council (SC) want to facilitate this service for welfare of students.

Mr. Manjunatha,

Chief Marketing Executive,

Logistic Post, Karnataka Region, Bangalore.

Mob: 94808 35439.

Additional Information

There are three ways to transport goods; sea, land, and air. Ratio of their cost is 0.5:1:1.5. This means cost of shifting X kg luggage up to Y km distance will be ₹ 0.5Z via sea route, ₹ Z via land route, and ₹ 1.5Z via air route. Indian Railway (IR) is biggest provider of logistic service in India and all other logistic networks for longer distance via road are somewhere linked to it. I also inquired with IR. It would have cost me ₹ 10 per kg but only problem was I have to pack and take it to major railway station in city (Bangalore Central Railway Station in Bengaluru). IR will send luggage to nearest major railway junction and won’t provide service to smaller junctions. Customer has to make his own arrangements to shift from major junction to his destination.

PS: The goods reached my home within 6th day. There was no damage to goods and it was in good condition.