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After reading news that Donald Trump has chosen current Indiana governor Mike Pence his Vice President (VP) choice suddenly a question came in my mind what is importance of vice president and why his/her choice is crucial in political career? After investigating in detail I realise it require careful decision to select right candidate at this post. Let me explain how VP is going to affect president’s policies.

Understanding USA congress

Before starting let’s understand structure of USA congress (Congress). It is bicameral body comprises of two houses; Elected 435 member body named as House of Representatives (Loksabha or Lower House in Indian context) and elected 100 member body named as Senate (Rajyasabha or Upper House in Indian context).

Representatives, members of House of Representatives, are elected by direct voting by US citizen and represented proportionally e.g. California has highest representatives of 53/435. Speaker of House of Representative is elected by Representatives. Senators, members of Senate, are elected by direct voting by US citizen and represented equally; 2 members each from 50 USA states and VP is speaker of Senate. VP doesn’t have voting right in Senate unless there is tie. Senate has some special privileges in decisions related to appointment of cabinet secretory, federal judges, military officials, ambassadors and that is why it is more prestigious.

The Senate has 1 out of 12 chances of tie on any bill. Mathematically,

P(tie)=P(Yes)P(No)*selection of 50 members out of 100 who support bill.

= (0.5)^50*(0.5)^50*100C50

= 0.07958

= 1/12.5

Here the role of VP comes in to picture. As per constitution VP doesn’t have voting right unless there is tie and that is why VP’s vote and role is important. History of USA is full with VP breaking tie with his vote. There has been total 222 occasions in first 200 years of US history when VP broke tie with his vote. John Adams, first VP and second President of USA cast 29 tiebreaking votes during his eight year VP term. In most recent times Richard Nixon (in tenure of Eisenhower 1953-61) was most active tiebreaker VP with tiebreaking score of 8.

Influence of person’s past on his actions in present and future

Well, you all are married or going to marry and one statement might have come to you; Life will go smooth if both life partners know/understand each other (Most of time this statement come from female). What do we mean by knowing/understanding a person? I want to answer it in a single statement “To predict what he/she will respond/act when some situation occur in his/her life”. Why we want to understand person? Because most of time we want to manipulate/use him/her according to our wish for benefit of either of party. It is true for any case when two party involved; student-guide, employer-employee, senior boss-junior. Every person has a history and you may predict him/her if thoroughly understand his/her past because he will act based on what are his/her experience in past and how he/she has analysed those incidences. Simple example. If you are preparing cucumber salad then you will first taste it for bitterness because in past you might have prepared bitter salad. I have already explained it in previous article about ‘Role of family and school in child’s research attitude‘.

Why Mike Pence?

In past Mike Pence has been supportive to issues of anti-immigration, pro-military, anti-homosexuality. If you have observed Trump’s speeches then you will notice his emphasise on curbing illegal immigrants specially from Mexico, military campaign in middle east, pro-catholic ideas. Suppose there is a bill in Senate regarding military spending. Bill has three possibilities; passed, rejected or tie. If passed then no issue. If rejected then ultimately it will come to president and Trump can always veto it. The problem will come when there is tie because it is neither pass and not rejected so Trump can’t veto it since it won’t reach him. VP has to vote and break the tie. VP will vote to pass the bill if he is of the same ideology with President. Since Mike share same ideology with Trump there are high chances he may vote to pass the bill. Trump is playing safe game.


Key to successful administration is ‘Right person at right position’. A good chess player is the one who is able to predict opponent’s moves via understanding his mind and putting his pieces in balanced attacking and defensive position.

ઝબકારો: Love happens with eyes closed (that is why it is said ‘Love is blind’ 😉) but marriage has to be done with open eyes.