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He is my neighbour Haresh Lodha, daily wage earner from nomadic tribe community. There is special reason why he has presence on my timeline with me.

Since 1998 I have been staying away from my home and I hardly have any contacts with people from my street except hi-hello once in year on new year day. Today he met me and discussed about #FakeCases on me and my family. He is facing same issue as me but his wife is mature than my wife and has not filed any fake cases. He regretted for fake cases, arrest of my parents, slanging by goons hired by my wife. He said he knows my family from childhood and he is sure none of my family member would have done as claimed by my wife in police complains. He said he want to help me and requested to give my wife a chance to reconcile. He wanted to meet my father in law(FIL) to explain him we are very reputed family. He offered his mediation despite I warning him about violent nature of my brother in law (BIL), immoral character of my wife, they may hit you and trap you in fake cases just like did with us. I was amazed by his answer, “If they hit me or trap in fake cases then I will think I faced this for my younger brother and my family”, he said. Not only he, I came to know people from my entire locality are with us. Entire street said to police we are innocent and police himself accepted to me in phone that he has to do it because of complain otherwise my neighbours have told him simple nature of my family. They are saying whatever my wife has done has degraded her parental upbringing because a girl from reputed and cultured family would not behave such cheap.

It provoked thought in my mind. Whatever they are supporting is because of my parents’ reputation. I don’t know whey I will earn similar reputation in which people would support me from their heart from their own wish. To earn such reputation takes entire life and it is not easy. Respect is something which has to be earned, can’t be purchased, and I came to know my parents are highly respected. Society is very smart and can judge situation from observing whose clothes are stained and whose hands are stained.

I could survive and handle situation because I was aware and alert due to my education and knowledge. Situation of ordinary and ignorant people is worst due to #GenderBiasedLaws because they don’t know law, don’t know rules, don’t even understand what is written in complain. A wife would not be knowing anger arising out of ego, resulting in to police complain, will pain many souls and throw her in hundreds of birth of sins. Don’t know when such karm will wash away from such woman’s soul.