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Since last 1.5 years I am trying to write this article. I hope I conveyed properly. Research, a word which hardly anyone understands. We hear many time that India should focus on research if want to compete with world. What is research? How it is done? What should be done to promote research? There are many such questions. I am writing below my thoughts which will give rough idea about the answers of above questions. This article is structured as below

1. Research Fundamentals.

2. Quality of Researchers.

2.1. Responsibility of Parents.

2.2. Responsibility of School.

2.3. Why family and school are important in child’s research attitude?

3. Research Tools and Supplements.

4. Research Environment.

4.1. Foundation of Institute as a System.

4.1.1. Objective.

4.1.2. Constitution.

4.1.3. Activities.

4.1.4. Asset/Income.

  1. Research fundamentals.

Research is a technique to solve problems. It has 3 basic features.

  • Identify or recognize problem.

  • Analyze the problem.

  • Data or statistical consideration.

  • Apply suitable technique or tool and solve problem.

  1. Researcher quality

A researcher is not merely faculty or student but he is entire system who has influence from his two major machinery from his childhood; family and school. Child spend 33% (8/24) time in school while rest of 67% (16/24) time at home. Child’s future depend on what he learned and trained from these two machineries.

  1. Responsibility of parents

I want to start with a Doha from Balkand, Shri Ramcharitmanas.

जड चेतन गुण दोष मय बिश्व किन्ह् करतार

संत हन्स गुण गहहि पय परिहरि बारी बिकार ||1.6||


Vidhata has created these living-nonliving world with good character and bad character both. But saint and swan takes only milk from the mixture of milk and water (It is possible translation is incorrect. In that case I request you to read Shri Ramcharitmanas published by Gita Press Gorakhpur).

This world is filled with improper, bad, false, immoral, unethical etc. many things. Responsibility of the parents is to teach child how to differentiate proper among improper, good among bad, moral among immoral, ethical among unethical similar to swan is able to differentiate milk from mixture of water and milk.

  1. Responsibility of school

Education is not about learning but it is about training of mind how to think”. Einstein

Responsibility of the school is to teach student the following.

  • How to make mind think.

  • Identify problem, analyse problem, and apply appropriate tool to solve the problem.

  • How to transform information in to knowledge.

  • How to propagate the knowledge.

Let me explain via my PhD research. Of course there may be better contribution available in my field but I saw PhD as research training to learn how to solve problem. I identified that I want to improve combustion. I analysed it and found combustion can be improved if coal fragment resulting from thermal stress caused due to heat transfer. I solved differential equations using numerical methods and simulated the process using C language. This is how I identified, analysed, and solved problem using appropriate tool. After running simulation I obtained information about data. Again I used MATLAB tool to plot data and thus some important observations and conclusions obtained. This is how I transformed information (data) in to knowledge (conclusions). Again I used LaTex tool to write my research article and I published papers. This is how I propagated my knowledge.

  1. Why family and school are important in child’s research attitude?

It is about the methodology how do you understand the problem whether it is academic or social because ultimately we are solving the problems throughout our life. We are surrounded by human and social problem becomes complex due to difference in thinking patterns of human.


Fig. 1. Human response system.

Outside data enter human only from five different senses namely eye, ear, nose, tongue, and skin. The data received via this sources are stored or further processed in brain. Data is analysed and interpreted by mind and based on this it releases order to body parts. Those five senses are like sensors/DAQ. Brain is like computer which stores/process data. Mind analyses the data and releases order based on analysis. This is why the reasoning/analysis process between brain and mind is core of any human. The behaviour/action of human will entirely depend on how his mind interprets data after analysing. This entire phase of reasoning/analysis is entirely depend on what you have learned in your family and what you are trained in school. For example any subject/religious book. After reading book from eye different people analyse different thing and react based on what they interpreted. A case study: A person in fed with Alternate Logical System with proofs from a book. This is how terrorists are born. Brainwashing is a technique to give alternate logical system where current logical system is replaced with well designed Alternate Logical System. If you are trained/taught correctly then you will think constructive. If not then will think destructive. It is always important to have positive, constructive, and supportive approach in life.

In this regard I want to share my interview experience with IIT and IISc. I attended PhD interview in IIT Kanpur. There were 15 faculties in interview panel. They asked me various questions and identified what is my weak area. Later, they started to ask from that weak area only. They started questions one after another even without looking at me that I am answering to someone else. It was near to psychopathic behaviour. Contrary, I attended IISc interview. There were 5 faculty in interview. They first identified what is my strong area and took me deeper in that area only. The point I want to make is attitude of evaluation. IISc faculties tried to look positivity and what I can do my best while IITK faculties tried to look negativity and what I am unable to do. This may reflect in the approach of person how they see problem/issue. For example consider nuclear energy. A smart person will see tremendous energy potential in nuclear and will solve the hurdles coming in the way of harnessing it. Problems are always there in any system and we are supposed to solve it. In this case energy will be obtained. While, other person will see lot of problems in nuclear energy and will try to think about future disaster coming out of nuclear. It is possible energy will be unutilised in the wake of idea of disaster.

ઝબકારો: It reminded me a Shlok from Bhagvad Gita

इन्द्रियाणि परान्यहुरिन्द्रियेभ्य: परं मनः
मनसस्तु परा बुद्धिर्यो बुद्धे:  परतस्तु सः   (गीता 3.21)
Translation: Indriyas are above body, Man is above Indriyas, Buddhi is above Man, and Aatma is above Buddhi.
It is all about building logic system (Buddhi) between Brain and Mind (Man). Buddhi is above Man.